What We Do

What Does Bellator Group Bring To The Table?

We take the Pain out of the CBD Category!

We believe in the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN, etc), the products and brands we represent, and our commitment to maximizing the opportunities for our business partners and consumers.

We build custom programs with the best brands and products in the industry and support it with shopper marketing, education, displays and DSD distribution. We bring a partnership philosophy to you.

Maximize the potential of the CBD Category for Brands, Retailers, Consumers!

We have heard and seen it all…”we have the best, the first, the only, we are number one”…Let’s cut through it!

Retailers, Gyms, Clubs, Convenience, and Every Other Class of Trade!

What can and should you do with the CBD category based on several factors?

State CBD Regulations

It’s more than just stop or go.
We offer an ever-changing look at when and how you can engage with CBD.

Brand and Product Diversity

You can check…we have the brands and we are always adding new ones.
Our brands can easily stand on their own but understand the category approach.


It’s you…not us.
Take those first two bullets and sprinkle in demographics, space and brand integrity.


It’s us…not you.
Online order and payment portal delivered direct to store and yes…we ship it all!


It’s the fun part for crying out loud.
We care, we want to sell products and we are as creative as it gets.

Others have imitated and failed because they lack the creativity, brand diversity and a commitment to doing is what is right wholistically without ulterior motives. We won’t fail…let us help you.